20 more (Day 3)

So why 20 minutes?

I’ll explain by telling a little story.

My friend and I are working on this little business idea on the side. One day, I got home exhausted. I wasn’t in the mood to do anything productive, but we had been getting distracted too often recently, so I willed myself to text him.

“meet tonight?”

“not gonna be able to do tonight, let’s reschedule”

I felt relieved, but a little disappointed. It was going to be another day sitting in place. I realized I didn’t want that, so I texted him again.

“how about a meeting with a definite end? 15 minutes, so we end at 10:15 PM”

He said yes, we synced on Hangouts and got a great deal of stuff done in those 15 minutes.

I realized that was key. I realized first that doing something is always better than doing nothing. One step a day adds up to 100 in 100 days. Zero steps a day leaves you in the same place.

I also realized we overestimate how much time we need to be productive. My friend was probably assuming the meeting would go 1-2 hours. I would have said “hell, no” to that meeting. 15 minutes? Easy.

By giving myself the permission to work a smaller amount, I actually got something done. And that’s the reason I chose 20 minutes for this blog. No matter how ridiculously busy you are, you have 20 minutes to put towards something you really want. I don’t care if your name is Barack Obama. If there’s something you want to do (exercise, study, make music), maybe you can try this too. That’s all I have to say for today.

Lol, this post is definitely Medium-style. I’ll reserve judgment for now.

Starting stopwatch…

Time: 49 minutes, 30 seconds
Git Commit
-Finished Tutorial #1!
What the game looks like at the moment:
Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 10.57.17 PM
Note: most of this is an image I loaded.
-How to push pixels with my image assets
-More on how to structure a javascript application. Out-of-date object-oriented stuff, but still interesting ideas.

I’m gonna have a little staging site soon, so you can see my code run as I write.

20 more (Day 3)

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