Finding time (Day 2)

The world is greedy for my (your) time. If you let it, you will find yourself with little time to call your own. I need to work on carving out more, but I’m just glad i got here in time to make some progress before the date turns to tomorrow. I’ll reflect a little more after I learn a li’l mo’.

I want to write more on things I’ve realized over the years, so I’ll reflect on life here as we move through these posts.

Starting stopwatch…
Time: 33 minutes, 20 seconds
Git commit
-continued with the ancient Tetris tutorial (36 minutes in now)
-window has onblur and onfocus which you can use to pause your game if you click away
-the basics of require.js
-The basics of a content loader to load image assets into the game (complete with progress)
-Wrote a basic game loop so time can pass in game

Day 2 Complete! You’ve unlocked a feeling of accomplishment!


Finding time (Day 2)

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