Some inspiration (Day 6)

I wasn’t really feeling like writing a philosophical thing today, but I started writing and realized it was coming easier than I thought.

The main idea I want to put across is this: Expectations kill creativity.

I know I’m not Gaben. I know I’m not Shakespeare. And knowing that is the only way I could possibly even write to this blog in the first place.

If I looked at this and told myself, “Okay, today I need to write an award-winning blog post and create the next Megaman.” Yo, I’d be where I was 6 days ago when you, dear reader, didn’t even know I had these ideas and these dreams.

I had to be honest with myself. I have 6 days of experience under my belt. I know nothing. I’m going to mess up. That’s where I am, but who knows where I’ll be at day 100? Day 1000? Day 10000? (Does that make sense mathematically?)

This became a lot easier when I came to terms with reality. I realized this mindset can apply to the rest of my life too. I am socially awkward, I am out of shape, I’m not the best developer, I’m not the best at basketball. I will mess up. But I get better every day I try.

Update: A better way to put it would be this: unrealistic expectations kill your willingness to try.

I’ll write an even-more-hashed-out version of this post sometime in the future. Stay tuned.

It hasn’t even been a week, and I already love writing in this blog.

Starting stopwatch…
Time: 49 minutes, 35 seconds
Git Commit 1 2 (figuring out how to use GitHub pages)
-Finished Tutorial #3!
-The tutorial is getting really complex, so debugging at this stage was pretty rough. Yes, I got stuck multiple times almost literally copy-pasting from a tutorial.
-Yo. The block moves. I made a quick little website so you can see it here. (eventually, when GitHub Pages decides to bring my site to life.)

Cutting it close, it’s 11:33 PM, but I made it another day. ‘Till next time, friends.

Some inspiration (Day 6)

9 thoughts on “Some inspiration (Day 6)

    1. No different from telling a shy person, “Just be less shy, man.” Or a fat person, “Just eat less.” Mindsets don’t magically teleport to another person’s head. It’s gotta be streamed gently like you’re downloading a torrent. 😉

      Thanks for the commitment, you’ll be a serial troll faster than you think. I want to know your daily hitlist 😛


  1. It's Lunchtime says:

    Well, according to what you just said, your blogpost is useless
    because you can’t magically read it and gain the mindset
    is your mind blown yet
    brb blowing brains out

    ps: call me cereal
    not serial
    or srl
    or crl
    or cl
    fuck you
    you’re my hitlist

    pss: rereading your comment, it has more content than the post itself
    >Mindsets don’t magically teleport to another person’s head. It’s gotta be streamed gently

    Liked by 1 person

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