Really, really deep stuff (Day 14)

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Hey guys, did you know this blog was once about game development? Yeah, I forgot too.

I don’t feel like writing about extremely abstract ideas today and I’m sure you’re getting weary of reading them. I’m gonna try writing like a normal dude for a while. Let’s take a breather. Everything in moderation.

I did a VR meetup today and it was excellent. If you’re interested, there are plenty of free/cheap VR meetups in the city all the time. Upload Collective hosted this one and hosted it well.

The visual aspect of VR is pretty mature. If you haven’t tried a Vive yet, highly recommend.  I think the tech is… 2 years from market viability. Just a wild guess.

By the way, Upload Collective and HTC? I expect my check in the mail tomorrow.

Starting stopwatch…
Git Commit
Time: 38 minutes, 15 seconds
-Teased out the meaning from Game.js and Engine.js
-Realized this code is horrible. The methods are separated in a way where you cannot understand the meaning of any part of the code without reading all of the code. One day, with more experience, I will write this code in a much more sensible manner.
-More minute details about javascript

To dos for tomorrow:
-Look into making a staging site that displays the game at each commit. If not, damn maybe I want to write one because that would be really cool.
-Look into providing a more graphical way to display progress.
-Move on and revisit 10 lines of this at a time as i do the next tutorial… Pong!

Really, really deep stuff (Day 14)

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