Day 15: don’t fake it ’til you make it

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(I want to caveat this post by appending “to yourself” to this title. There are some cases where admitting you don’t know the answers could uncover intractable problems. Extreme example: Obama can’t admit to voters that he doesn’t know if Obamacare will work. He can’t convince everyone that he’s trying his best given the info, that’s too many people to convince. He can tell his cabinet though.)

This blog was founded on the idea that you have to understand where you are. You are at Day 0 and if you put in time today, you are now at Day 1. (Note that you have to work on things that Day 0 people work on. Like explore what you’re actually supposed to be learning.)

Where people fail is when they assume they should start at Day 100 because they look around, see people at Day 100 and assume Day 100 is where you start. They try to start at Day 100 and either collapse under the expectation they cannot meet OR they “fake it ’til they make it”.

Fake it ’til you make it is quite simply lying to yourself and others. Has that person done any of the work required to work at a Day 100 level? No. And if they keep pretending they can, they will never learn. You must learn numbers before addition before multiplication. And even then, you cannot jump to learning calculus. You must learn pre-calc, etc. Attempting to learn in any other way is lying to yourself about where you are. How valid does it sound for someone to say, “I’m studying calculus.” when they don’t grasp numbers? But this is exactly what happens all the time and it keeps everyone from progressing.

When you lie to yourself about where you are, you start setting unrealistic expectations of yourself. Then, when you realize reality does not match your delusion, you start collapsing under the pressure of having to meet the expectations of a level of understanding you haven’t reached yet.

I’ll dive deeper into this concept in a later post. This delusion is the root of so many problems in the world.

I have a flight to catch, so I’m going to post this now and tidy it up later.

Starting stopwatch…
No Git commit today
Time: 32 minutes, 15 seconds
I wanted to fully understand frame.requestAnimationFrame. I will write the explanation in my own words here.

Sleep does a body good.

Day 15: don’t fake it ’til you make it

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