Respite (Day 17)

No reflection today.

I’ll keep these short and I’ll siphon my extra time into making this blog more accessible. I want my code and the staged games to be easier to see so you can see my progress at a glance.

Starting stopwatch…

  • Time
    • 22 minutes, 1 second
  • Git Commit
  • Learned
    • Finished pong tutorial
    • Demo here
    • Very quick way to record keystrokes to control the paddle
    • How to update info during a game loop and render the result
    • Better idea of how to use requestAnimationFrame in real world
    • Collision detection (paddle and ball)
    • Very simple game AI for the opponent’s paddle

That VR meetup inspired me to look into Unity a little bit. The first immediate step I need to do is buy a new PC laptop.

I had this idea of making a Vape Nation game for the Vive 😛 A game involving smoke graphics and physics sounds pretty awesome. Maybe a puzzle game?

Respite (Day 17)

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