Brainstorm (Day 18)

Post idea:

I want to write a post about how to reach the strongest solution to a problem. The strongest solution to a problem isn’t in any one person’s head. If a person attempts to solve a problem on his own, he has used only the information he has been able to gather in his head. If he shares the problem with others and everyone communicates their input on the problem at hand, they can pool their knowledge to come up with a much more nuanced solution. One that better reflects the world we live in.

No matter how knowledgeable a single person is, he only has his perspective, experience, and mindset. When many people look at a problem, the necessary questions needed to shape the best solution are much more likely to be asked. The channels for sharing this knowledge must absolutely be wide open for this process to work. No person should feel afraid to speak up during the critique, no person should feel like any question is a “stupid question” and no one person’s opinion should have greater weight than any other.

Now to write what I just wrote in an accessible way 🙂 Stay tuned.

Starting stopwatch…

  • Time
    • 25 minutes, 15 seconds
  • No Git Commit
  • Learned
    • Downloaded and installed Unity for Mac
    • Did some planning. My PC is due for a replacement, so I did some research on what replacement to get using this 20 minutes. I settled on getting a cheap, reliable gaming laptop (Dell Inspiron 7200), upgrading the RAM and disk space, and then going for a desktop at a later date when this laptop is no longer useful.
Brainstorm (Day 18)

4 thoughts on “Brainstorm (Day 18)

    1. I was really tired from the long weekend and erratic sleep times, so I just took those days off. Posting a catch-up post right now and I’ll be back on the long haul.

      In the future, I’ll at least post explaining I’m taking the day off, but I’m glad to see you’re following my progress, bro. 🙂


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