Good times (Day 19 and 20)

Had a really fun weekend in San Diego. Caught up with old friends, crossed the border for the second time in my life, had excellent sushi omakase, went to a vape shop for the first time (sweet milky flavors are delicious), did some climbing, watched a great movie called Kubo. Overall, an excellent experience. Now to rest.

I was really tired yesterday so I skipped a day. I’ll put in 40 today to make up for it.

Starting stopwatch…

Started Unity today! Quick video.

  • Time
    • 1 hour, 4 minutes, 32 seconds
  • Git Commit
  • Learned
    • Started a Unity tutorial (long-term goal: make a VR game)
    • Unity is ridiculously powerful. It comes built-in with game preview, object creation, physics and scripting. I’m really gonna enjoy this.
    • Shortcuts learned
      • F: focus on current object
      • Alt+right click (drag): rotate view around object
      • Cmd+click (drag): move object while remaining anchored to surface
      • Cmd+’: open documentation for that Unity class
    • Concepts
      • Basic physics. Move ball with arrow keys.
      • How to set up 3rd-person camera
      • Public variables are editable through Unity itself!
      • How each tab in Unity works
    • Quick video of tutorial game
    • Miscellaneous
      • How to create a QuickTime video



Good times (Day 19 and 20)

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