Day 22

Doing a second Unity tutorial and building experience until I get some inspiration.

Starting stopwatch…

Time: 26 minutes, 4 seconds

Git Commit


  • How many assets are required for a high-quality game. Downloaded a lot of assets for this.
  • How to use Unity Cloud Build


Ran into a few setup issues when running through this tutorial as Unity Web Player was deprecated. I set out exploring Unity Cloud Build to find out how I am supposed to build through that. The process overall seems to have been complicated. I’ll list it out here.

  1. Set it up at Unity Cloud Build
  2. Connect your Git repository
  3. Guide the wizard to your Unity project
  4. Build (after waiting about 2 minutes).

Sure, that’s not that complicated, but 100x more complicated compared to building direct on Unity. I’d like to know their reasoning.

Gotta get to work. ’til next time.

Day 22

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