Day 23

I’m gonna start something I like to call Philosophy Fridays 🙂

I like writing about my observations on life, but I’m still trying to find the correct cadence for posts like that. Gonna try once a week and see how it fares. As I move along, I may add a creative writing day… or a story day. Or actually! I think a live brainstorm on game ideas would be a really cool idea. I don’t know, it’s my blog, I do what I want. >:P (jk, please tell me what you want)

Starting stopwatch…

Time: 1 hour, 31 minutes, 20 seconds

Git Commit


  • Really wanted to power through this tutorial, so I just kept going.
  • How to set up lighting in a Unity game
  • How assets are used to make the graphics nice
  • How to use particle effects
  • What an orthogonal camera is (everything is on same perspective plane)
  • Setting backgrounds
  • How to move ship and write code to rotate ship left and right
  • How to make laser move


This tutorial is awesome. I highly recommend it. The stuff I learned here is really fun and I look forward to making original games soon. I want to make a 2D game first, something along the lines of Super Mario, but with my own twist. We’ll see how it goes. Before that, I want to do the 2D platformer tutorial to really get my creative juices flowing.

P.S. I want to put a little bookmark on my life here for future James. Today you tried to finish the target asset sync failed ticket, but you came down with a little cold right at the end of the day and decided to put it off until tomorrow. You played 3 games of League and you still got it, baby. Your jumpshot is got a little better and you can do 4 sets of 6 pull-ups. You met someone while waiting for the bus named Barbara who works for Genentech. She was nice. I wonder if any of this will matter to me in a year or so.

Day 23

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