Day 28 & 29

The Space Shooter game is live!

(No Philosophy Friday post today. I’ll label it when it is written. I had one fresh and ready, but WordPress ate it.)

I’m putting my VR idea on the back-burner because I don’t have much VR experience or equipment. I have this vague idea for a 2D platformer where the player has a limited number of moves to get to the top of the stage. Like a combo-oriented game. I’ll be doing the closest tutorial I can think of for that idea and then get to work on it.


  1. Get the Cloud Build for the Space Shooter working and link you to my built test game. ☑
  2. Iron out the last few bugs (namely, destroyed asteroids give 20 points instead of 10) (I’ll do this next time)
  3. Start on a 2D tutorial ☑

Time: 1:05:31 (2x time for next 3 days to catch up)

Git Commit


  • Figured out how to build a WebGL game through Unity. Cloud Build still not working, but you can try the game here.
  • Started the 2D tutorial. Learning how animations are handled in Unity.


I’ve been having this lingering cold, but I’m finally 100%. No comment so far on this 2D tutorial besides my thought that I want to build a 2D game as my first solo project. It’s gonna be ugly, but hopefully fun 🙂

Day 28 & 29

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