Day 30 & 31

Latest screenshot:

Screen Shot 2016-09-11 at 7.12.04 PM.png

Time: 41:08 (one more 2x day to go)

Git Commit


  • Learned how to randomly generate tile board
  • Learned how animations are tied to game objects
  • Learned some C# constructs
    • Co-routines
    • out (this one is loopy to me.It allows methods that returns more than one result :o)
    • Java-like stuff (generics, abstract)
  • Coding smooth movement between tiles


This has felt like the longest month of my life in a good way. I feel empowered to pursue my passion and I am excited to see where I will go next.

I’ve been powering through this Roguelike tutorial. This tutorial isn’t very close to the gameplay I was envisioning. My game will be much more mechanically driven. I think I’ll power through this one and a platformer tutorial and then start to tinker with my idea.


Day 30 & 31

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