Day 34 – 36

"I never left."

-James "Kahng" Bond, Quantum of Solace

I’m back! The next time I skip a few days, I won’t treat it like I skipped days. Posts just didn’t get made 😛 But this time, just to see how it feels, I will do 3 days worth. One hour. I have a few ideas slated for my Philosophy Friday post, some juicy “life reflection” stuff. (*slurrrp slurp-slurp-slurp*) Slated for tomorrow night’s release. I hope you like it.

Let’s get back to creating something cool.

Time: 1:17:48

Git Commit


  • How to attach sound effects and music to game
  • How to work with UI elements and level transitions
  • How to create mobile controls


Powering through this tutorial. Not very excited about it, but I still am learning quite a bit from it. I’m running into a bug where I can only move one square and then I get stuck. Will debug tomorrow.

Plan tomorrow. Debug this game, post the built demo, and then do a platformer tutorial.

Day 34 – 36

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