Day 38

20 minutes is…

1.3% of a day

0.04% of a month

0.003% of a year

The United States has a recorded history that spans ~300 years.

Mankind has existed on Earth for ~150,000 years.

For millions of years, life existed without humans.

The history of the universe spans Billions of years.

20 minutes = 0.000000000….% of all time

Sometimes I forget how much we are a part of something as unfathomably large as the universe and time. Our time on this earth is vanishingly small. Reflecting on this really gives me the freedom to do anything I want today. I’m just another blip in the vast sea of the cosmos.

Maybe I’ll go for a long walk. Maybe I’ll tell a terrible joke. Almost as soon as those words leave my lips, they no longer exist. Neat.

But first, I want to make fun games 🙂

Time: 59:03


  • Started platformer tutorial! Highly recommend.
  • Learned about Unity’s standard assets library. Strong set of scripts and assets.
  • Learned how to work with spritesheets in Unity
  • Learned how to organize sprites on screen as background, foreground, play area
  • Got a taste of how to set up a sidescroller camera

My favorite tutorial so far. Platformers are what I grew up playing and testing out this tutorial has really gotten my mind going.

Day 38

3 thoughts on “Day 38

    1. Glad you liked it. I definitely doubt that it only takes a month to master something 😛

      I’m 40 days into this blog at ~30 minutes a day and I do not feel like I have scratched the surface of the subject, let alone mastered it. I do agree that we can reach a level of familiarity and more importantly, develop a new habit.

      I’d like to hear more about this Ted Talk. Thanks again.

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