Mouse follow (Day 40)

Went to a VR fireside chat with Edith Yeung, this investor from 500 Startups. The insights provided about what it takes to build a successful company were enlightening. Yes, you start with an idea. But you have to find the pain point you address. And even then, how do you find customers? How will you make money? Does that strategy work in your space? Mobile advertising is very different from web advertising, etc. More and more questions. More problems than one or two people can possibly address. It takes a capable team and will take a significant amount of time and effort to realize.

As a developer, I have been largely shielded from this part of running a business, but I want to see how deep this rabbit hole goes. Thinking about ways to gain a more holistic understanding of how these things work.

Time: 30:15

Git Commit


  • Do you remember that old multiplayer game where you were a stick figure equipped with weapons and a grappling hook and you sought to win a deathmatch-style match? Today’s installment totally reminded me of that.
    • Wrote a script so the arm follows my mouse independently of body control
Mouse follow (Day 40)

6 thoughts on “Mouse follow (Day 40)

    1. Nice! I liked it. I like how the idea of keeping things simple keeps coming up everywhere. Taking the next step is the only possible step to take. Don’t worry about where anyone else is.

      I also liked how he explains 10,000 hours is for world-class skill and feeling like you’re “good” at something takes much less time. Thanks for sharing.

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      1. It's Lunchtime says:

        why wouldn’t you know me
        i know you too
        i’m no bully
        just make illegal haikus
        for a living

        omg quicktime what were you thinking
        try fraps idk i know nothing else

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