My game idea (Day 41)

Back from camping! Was an excellent two-day reset in the wilderness.


The past 40 days have been an eye-opening experience. Working for output rather than quality – just putting stuff on the page and experimenting with what works and doesn’t work – has really changed how I view learning and what I can and cannot do. Like Goethe once said, “By seeking and blundering, we learn.”

In one of my earliest posts, I wrote about how I didn’t want to “reinvent the wheel” and power through tutorials until I feel ready to start venturing out on my own. Well, I feel ready to venture out on my own. As you can likely imagine, venturing out into the wilderness is much more demanding than following tutorials, so I’m sure I will go through growing pains.

I envision the near-future as being a collection of brainstorm and progress posts. When I am low on time, I will fall back to tutorial posts.

I’ll start the stopwatch and start tinkering.

The Idea:

My game draws inspiration from titles like Super Meat Boy and Dustforce DX. These are highly mechanical games that require not only precise input and timing, but planning. Some Super Meat Boy levels were rewarding because while I knew exactly what to do, my fingers just didn’t have the skill to do it. Others were rewarding because the execution planning was intricate enough that it became a puzzle.

At the core of my game idea is a kind of ammo system that dictates how many of each move you can execute on the level. There will be jumps, dashes, and other things strewn throughout the level that you use to reach the goal. That’s the extent of my idea for now. On to Unity 🙂

Time: 21:47

Git Commit


  • I put the character down and the platform. Taking off the tutorial “training wheels” will take time, but it’s part of the process.


My game idea (Day 41)

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