Begin, Leapman! (Day 48)

As promised, today I’m gonna start putting my first game together. I’m really excited about the possibilities here.

So where to begin? I want to start at what I know. Developing the game’s mechanics. I’ll  leave the theme and story of the game to another day after I have the prototype to fiddle with.

I laid out the game idea I wanted to explore in a previous post, so you can go there for the gist. The first thing I want to do today is lay out the ideas in a form that is quickly absorbable by others and because I have no Photoshop/Sketch skills, I drew it on a piece of paper 😛


I have four core mechanics I want to incorporate into the game.

  • Jump
    • Our hero can jump any time the player hits the jump button
    • Ammo system
  • Dash
    • “Push” horizontally in a direction
    • Animation
    • Ammo system
  • Blink
    • Reappear in any direction. Maybe control this with the mouse
    • Ammo system
  • Reset
    • Press a key at any point you feel like you got stuck and start at beginning of stage

With that laid out, I will dive into the code!

Time: 55:14

Git commit


Started with the Unity Standard Asset character model and figured out what the built-in code did. I implemented triple jump! Unfortunately, the debug log isn’t displaying correctly. It’s a start.

P.S. If anyone wants to take a stab at making pixel art for this game’s assets, hit me up! Let’s learn.

Begin, Leapman! (Day 48)

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