Day 49

Hey guys!

I’m back and it’s good to be back. I met a few people who told me they really enjoyed my writing (many more than have enjoyed the game dev :P), so I’ll be getting back on that in due time. Writing will be therapeutic for myself as well. It was when I expressed myself honestly that I felt the most in tune with myself.

In retrospect, it was when I was most vulnerable that I grew the most. I was coming to terms with my fears and doubts one by one. In the months since I’ve last said some real and embarrassing stuff, I think I’ve closed up and sacrificed a bit of myself. I want to be real in this world of unspoken rules and follow-the-leader. (Down with the system! I kid.)

So writing will return. I just need to sit down and write.

Today, I implement dash.

Time: 1:03:10

Git Commit


This one’s gonna be tricky. I want the dash to feel like it adds speed to the character. That’s gonna require code that allows momentum, a max speed, and has gradual decay. I think I’ll be playing around with this for a few days.

Day 49

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