Try again (Day 51)

Philosophy Friday: Momentum

I haven’t been posting consistently recently. Life happened, I expended my energy elsewhere and had to take a few weeks off to recover. That would be fine if I could just jump back into this again, but I’ve stayed away long enough to have lost the familiar rhythm of daily posts. It got me thinking…what exactly is blocking me from coming here? After all, it’s just 20 minutes a day.

I realize that’s not true anymore. I have grown to expect much more. The direct evidence is in the gradually inflating stopwatch times over the life of this blog.

This growth was once a point of pride. When I was rollin’, I could look at that growing number knowing it was becoming easier. I’m doing it! I’m becoming a blogger and game dev.

But just when I thought I had conquered inertia and this was going to take a life of its own, life put its big right foot down and brought my rolling momentum to a jarring halt. And now I look back at Day 49 wondering where all that energy came from.

So I decided I’m trying again. Fade in Street Fighter game over screen. Continue? Yes. We can do that. We have unlimited retries. To stay with my metaphor, I’m going to ease this boulder back to speed. It’s not going to break any speed records any time soon, but it will. I think the unspoken theme of my blog is this: one day at a time. And today is a prime candidate. See you at Day 100.

Next week’s post: Live like a Sim

Time: 58:00

Git Commit


To be continued.

Happy Halloween everyone.

Try again (Day 51)

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