Day 58

Move fast, break things, make mistakes. I need to remind myself, action trumps all. Experimenting, failing, and re-evaluating is really the only way to move forward. There are more public and private ways to do that. This is marginally more public than locking myself in my room and tinkering, but if I do that, then who sees the growth?

We over-complicate things. Compartmentalize them. Learning to code is learning to sell is learning how to exercise is learning how to give speeches. All it takes is consistent, active practice. Challenging practice. I know because I’ve experienced it before. I didn’t know how to do a left-handed layup, then I did. I didn’t understand recursion, then I did. Unity was a black-box until a month ago. Every day, I get a little better. All it takes is daily, consistent action.

So what are we waiting for?


Today, I work on respawn.

Time: 25:19



Got as far as destroying the player if he falls too low. Next, limit camera follow to certain height and respawn.

Day 58

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