Day 59

Feeling a little aimless today. I’m between tasks in the game and not quite sure why I’m doing this in the first place. Let’s fix that.

What are the next three things I am building in the game?

  1. Respawn
  2. Levels
  3. Refine blink

Why do I want to build games?

  1. Being able to call a game my own will be an amazing feeling.
  2. I want to actualize some game ideas I had as a kid. I want to make Super Mario RPG 2!
  3. Creating an experience for other people sounds challenging and rewarding.

As I write this, these reasons feel a little weak. That’s not very reassuring, but let’s see what other reasons I come up with after some more thought. I may just be in a motivation trough that I need to push through.

Time: 45:05


Diary: Getting lots of bugs. Comes with the territory. My bed awaits me.

Day 59

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