Double-edged sword (Day 62)


I might have some kind of ADD. I have a million threads going on in my brain at any given moment.

There are many situations in my life where I become acutely aware of this. I would be talking with someone, and *DING* my brain finishes simmering on a thought we were discussing a few days earlier. I’d serve up my fresh, new conclusion, but my conversation partner would never be ready for my mental upchuck and it would just fall in a pile of spaghetti on the floor. (Note to self: yell “Catch!” before tossing out the wisdom.)

In many areas of my life, this has been a blessing. My tendency to let my thoughts wander has allowed me to dig deep into programming problems and explore complex systems. The dark side, however, is it also allows me to obsessively mull over daily interactions and second-guess myself, if I let myself.

And that’s the key phrase: if I let myself. As I have contributed to this blog, post by post, I began to understand I have a choice. I learned how to cut through the cloud of confusion and indecision in my brain and lay my honest thoughts brick-by-brick from problem to solution. (Or hopefully from problem to slightly less hairy problem.) I realized I am not my emotions and I am not my thoughts. I can reflect on them objectively and find a way to process them in a positive way. I can write my way through my problems. And as Robert Frost once said, “The only way out is through.”

I write all this to say I want to return to writing my unsettled thoughts here to solidify my convictions. And I hope it is as entertaining to read as it is fulfilling to write 🙂

Time: 32:55


Made a little buggy Braid clone today! I’ll post video in the morning.

Double-edged sword (Day 62)

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