Day 63

I’m not motivated to polish Leapman right now. I’m scoping the game down and moving on to making an RPG. (My first love!) We’ll see if I want to return later and polish that sucker up.

I’ll call the game finished when I get here:
-One level that makes sense with crisp mechanics.
-One power-up available to pick up that grants infinite blink

Today, I’m gonna do a quick and dirty lesson on menus.

Time: 39:14


Cool! I understand menus and scenes in Unity better. Unity scenes represents each separate screen of your game. So in Zelda, the main menu is a scene, each area is a scene, your inventory screen is a scene. And I write the code to switch between them as necessary.

My first menu. (Disclaimer: I am not an artist.)


View at

Day 63

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