Day 64

I would like to practice the ability to “full-ass” this. So my goal for the next 7 posts is when I start the stopwatch, nothing else will cross my mind as I find ways to finish Leapman.

Secondary goal? Post 7 days in a row.

-refine blink to satisfaction
-whatever else I am not satisfied with yet

Time: 52:47


What I learned today:
-Focus is like a superpower. I got so much done in just one hour. I like my skittles very sour. *drops mic*
-I found the math that makes for a smooth blink radius! James make blink feel good.
-Started making the necessary puzzle elements for this level. Jumps are now limited to 3 for the whole level. This game is fun OR DIE.

Next steps:
-Create impassable wall to make blink useful
-Decorate the level goal to make it obvious
-Improve GUI so the player understands
-Find ways to make the game feel more alive (graphics, particles, sound)

Day 64

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