Day 67 (NYE 2016)

(I just finished the finale of Westworld Season 1 and I am f***ed up.)

Burning my goals into silicon

I was never one to make New Year’s resolutions. My thoughts were always something along the lines of “If you’re gonna do it, just do it”. On reflection, sure, maybe you can “just do” things without goals, but I don’t think I ever have. I think that’s reason enough for me to try it out. Set goals that are big enough that I can fail. Those are the only goals worth making, or else what is the point?

I use this blog to cement my thoughts, to allow them to form into concrete ideas. I want to write down my new year’s resolutions to assign them the same kind of permanence. In a year’s time, I can look back on this post in triumph or in disappointment. And that’s the way I like it. The stakes are real.

My Resolutions

I’m going to limit this to three goals, so I can actually keep them in my head every day.

First, I am going to lose and keep off at least 15 pounds. I am currently 180 lbs. This abstract goal gives me the framework to see how I should change my daily routine and diet. We’ll see.

Second, I am going to make 200 posts to this blog. This blog started on August 9th. That means that out of about 150 days, I made 67 posts. (44% of my days) That’s pretty damn good. I want to up that to 60%.

This blog is my “cornerstone habit” as they say. If I posted here today, I know I’ve kept my day in order.

Third, I am going to one interesting industry event a month. The world is built on teams and I haven’t been looking around to find who can be on mine. I want that to change. In addition, these events allow exchange of ideas that kickstart creativity in other parts of my life. Let’s see where this takes me.

(Bonus: Write a representative program in each of the following languages: Go, Swift, Haskell, Hack.
Just so I can see the problems they’re trying to solve and how they went about doing so.)

The goals are set, the next step is to set up the systems to accomplish them.

I wish you all a Happy New Year 🙂

Time: 34:19


What I learned:
-Got camera look working
-Got options working, but not displaying

I’ll show a video tomorrow and start working with RPG Maker.

Day 67 (NYE 2016)

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