Day 70

Do you have problems with self-control? I always did, and I definitely still do. A friend of mine once said I was the laziest person he had ever met. I’ve gained a bit of control back, and I owe a lot of it to this blog. It helped me gain agency over my life. I read an article that writes about a lesson that resonates with me.

The gist is this: it is through small planned actions that you can begin to realize you have the ability to choose what you do in a day, in a year, in a lifetime.

I think I’ll write a more digestible philosophical post on this later in my own words so you know what I mean.

7 of 9 days. Quite consistent, I must say. Let’s keep coming back.

-Dive deep into RPG Maker tutorials

Time: 33:54


Got through to Tutorial 6! Fun stuff 🙂

I learned:
-How to make an in-game event
-How to make dialogue during battle
-How to input numbers

Day 70

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