Day 77

Time: 1:15:05



Today, I encountered THE BEST Unity tutorial I have ever seen. This guy’s tutorial on how to make a Zelda game is extremely informative and well-structured. You can tell he has a lot of experience and he also has strong programming knowledge. Give it a go if you’re interested in learning how to make games.

I got the animations working, but there’s still a bit of a jerkiness to them. Will debug tomorrow.

(For future reference, I wanted to list the things I learned today to reflect. If you aren’t into coding or Unity, you can ignore this.

  1. RequireComponent sets requirement components for the object this script is on.
  2. Floats without a decimal don’t need an ‘f’ after them.
  3. You can drag sprite sets onto the main window to quickly create animations.
  4. GetAxisRaw gives you “control pad”-type controller input values.
  5. Impulse force applies force immediately
  6. Blend trees are a very organized way to set up animations based on player input. For example, if you wanted an animation for up, down, left and right, a single blend tree would set that up very quickly.
  7. The Unity engine runs scripts in this order: physics, update, then animator. This is why we have to test for whether the player is colliding with an obstacle to exclude saving direction in that case.)
Day 77

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