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I started this blog about six months ago, and it has really changed my view on identity. Six months ago, I knew I wanted to write a blog, but writing publically felt so alien. But one post at a time, writing here became part of who I am.

I now understand that identity isn’t fixed. It is shaped by the things you do day-to-day. I wanted to write about that.

Reflecting On Blogs

One of the most interesting things I’ve noticed since I started writing this blog is the dual nature of blogging. Blogging is both permanent and temporary.

My post history is permanent. I aim to chart the journey from beginner to expert, so I refuse to wipe away any growing pains along the way (and believe me, there were many). If you wanted, you could start at Day 1, move through the blog’s history and read every single post I’ve made, blemishes and all.

At the same time, each post is temporary. The second I publish another post, the previous post is outdated. A new post holds so much potential. It could shift the whole purpose of this blog today if I decided.

New post: Why Edward > Jacob

Today is Your Next Post

I think this duality is a great metaphor for the person. Our identities are both permanent and temporary.

Like this blog, each of us have many days behind us. Our most important memories are forever embedded in our minds. They guide us in our daily lives.

But also like this blog, what you choose to do today holds the power to change you ever so slightly for the rest of your life.

I think we naturally resist this idea. We tend to view identity as permanent. When a quiet friend starts looking for ways to be more outspoken, it is a natural response to think, “That’s weird. He isn’t usually like that.”

But people aren’t permanent. When I think back to how I was as a kid, a teenager, even a college student, I changed a ridiculous amount. It was just so gradual, I didn’t notice on a given day. It happened over many days, one day at a time.

One Day At A Time

Experiencing how this blog went from idea, to scary new routine, to part of who I am has made me much more aware of the transient nature of my identity. It is freeing to realize that my identity is under my control.

If my dream is to found my own company in the future, I can start working towards that today. If I want to be a fan of the Green Bay Packers, I can start today. In due time, it will be a part of my identity.

It’s never too late to change. You just start, and as your blog posts stack up, your trajectory changes permanently.

So I ask you: Who do you want to be, and how will your actions today move you in that direction?

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Turn The Page

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