Day 88

Collider bugs fixed and hitboxes shown in all their glory. I set them up frame-by-frame and they work beautifully.

Time: 31:47


Up next: Update movement system

Revisiting Resolutions

It’s one month into 2017! I wanted to track my resolutions progress.

#1: Lose 15 lbs. ✗

Progress: +1.2 lbs.

I gained weight, but I am the fittest I have been in a long time. I’m going to adjust this goal accordingly. I think a better measurement is body fat %, so first step is to get that measured the next time I am at the gym.

#2: 200 posts ✓

This month, I posted 21 times (of 31 days). That puts me at 67% and well above the pace for 200 posts for the year.

#3: Go to an industry event ✓

This month I attended…

-a game development meetup (interesting)
-a Toastmasters meeting (inspiring)
-and a Startup law event coming up

No progress on bonus resolution.

2 of 3 ain’t bad 🙂 Inspired to keep chuggin’.

Day 88

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