Day 102


I was slated to tell a joke yesterday at Toastmasters. Last week’s joke was great and I wanted to tell a good one too, so I spent a day finding the perfect joke and about an hour rehearsing it.

The meeting rolled around and it was finally time. The leader called me up, and the unthinkable happened. I froze up. My voice trembled through the storyline. Then, right when it was time for the payoff, I forgot the punchline. What was it…? It felt like an eternity went by as my mind drew a larger and larger blank. Ten seconds later, I remembered, blurted it out and spun off to my left.

I bombed. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Now I know what it’s like to bomb hard. It’s really not bad. I want to tell many more jokes until this joke is just another blip on the graph.

Today, I put another blip on my game development graph. All I can promise you is 20 minutes a day, but I’m already pleasantly surprised at how far I’ve come.

Today: Brainstorm and draw concept pixel art for game ideas

Time: 1:05:34

Brainstorm Ideas

I started out trying to draw a kid with a wooden sword, which turned out to be a little too ambitious. So here’s a freehand wooden sword! Not bad for a first try.

Wooden Sword (1)

And a unicorn I drew via a tutorial. I aspire for my freehand art to look half this good one day.


Next time: For the near future, I plan to do a mixture of pixel art tutorials and freehand as I brainstorm my game ideas.

Day 102

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