Day 104

Switching gears again.

I want to get my Zelda clone polished to my liking and up for you to play.

Also, in the near future, I want to write up a little tutorial series to show people how to make a Link to the Past clone. The literature I found online was pretty lacking, so I’ll gladly fill that void.

There are three last bits I want to finish before I drop this baby.

  1. Enemy blinks red on hit and pops out of existence after four hits. (Doable in two days)
  2. Link takes damage and dies as expected (Two days or so)
  3. I’m sure something else will come up.

Let’s get this under way, shall we?

Time: 54:21


The enemy takes damage in a more Zelda-esque way and disappears on death!

I also spent quite a bit of time making sure what I’m making here was legal. And it is. Phew. I can go ahead and write that series to teach everyone how to do what I did 🙂

Next: Connect Link’s health display up to the game.

Day 104

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