Day 108


I did an Improv class today. A huge amount of fun, and eye-opening too. I feel like the whole experience was one giant lesson on the core of conversation. (In a phrase, “Throw me a frickin’ bone here.”)

I’ll write a full article on what I learned about it, to be released on, let’s say… Friday.

But first, let’s make a game.

Plan: Draw Link death frames.

Time: 54:41

Found this great sprite resource. Using that as a guide to draw the sprites.

I find pixel art so fascinating. Two things that stood out to me while I drew this. One, a lot of Link’s face is dark. I never realized that. Two, so much is done with so little. For example, Link’s belt is made from 9 pixels. But it looks so good.

Eager to learn more from the masters.

Tomorrow: More animations and linking them to game.

Day 108

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