Day 117

Plan: I have some idea of what my game idea dude is gonna look like, I’m gonna keep writing out descriptions and drawing until I have him on the canvas.

Time: 49:21

My guy has a different persona depending on which world he is in. He is a tall, dark futuristic, shiny ninja in the dark world, but in the human world, he is a child. He is simply-drawn, reminiscent of the Undertale kid.

The overall style of the game is understated. I imagine an art style similar to that one adventure game for the Sega Genesis that used rotoscoped people to create a very unique animation style… Flashback.

Something along this vein.
I will have cutscenes that fade in and out. They will be in stark contrast with gameplay. Not sure in which direction but gameplay will be one extreme, and the cutscenes will be the other.

The idea feels pretty damn cool, but the images in my head can’t become real yet. I will have to learn more about art.

Watched tutorials 1 2

He uses Photoshop for his pixel art. I’ll be exploring using that as well.

Will draw more next time 🙂

Day 117

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