Day 118

Don’t rush yourself. I used to push myself to be something or understand something quickly because I thought others around me already understood it. I faked it with the hopes of making it. Eventually, my lack of methodical practice would catch up to me and progress would grind to a halt. I’d make the same mistakes I always made, but cover them up.

That’s not how you develop mastery.

Those people you see moving effortlessly through a field? They have a strong grasp of every concept that supports the thing they are learning next. They are a native. You will get there, but you aren’t there yet.

Our impatience with ourselves tends to cause unnecessary spinning in place where we push ourselves to learn things when we aren’t ready and no progress is made.

Gain a strong foothold. When that foothold is sure and an extension of your body, only then reach for that handhold.

(To be clear, you can do this for long hours a day. That’s how you learn faster, not by skipping steps.)

Time: 25:33

Watched a tutorial on tilesets and a process video on a character. Photoshop is looking like a great tool to sketch and then realize a character. I’ll start sketching next time.

Day 118

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