Day 120


#1: I want to write an article about how ego and external pressure limits your growth. Earmarking that thought for now.

#2: Today, I had a lot of very productive conversations. I enjoy exploring ideas and illuminating things for people. Reminds me of some ideas I had for making Computer Science more accessible.

But I need to remind myself. One thing at a time. That idea will have its day.

#3: I wanted to revisit my resolutions. I weigh 171 right now, amazingly enough. Well on my way to my target weight of 165. I may adjust that number based on how it feels as I continue to lose weight.

I’ll write more on my resolutions on a future date.

Plan: Keep working through networking tutorial.

Time: 1:04:08


Not much coding done. Read a lot of documentation, learned a lot about networking. This will help me for all future development projects 🙂

Day 120

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