Day 125 (Reflection)


I have once again found myself without an understanding of what I want out of this blog. I’ve been doing so many disparate things recently (all very exciting, by the way) that I have felt a little spread thin and haven’t had the time to reconnect my desires and goals to what I do here.

What I do know is writing here thus far has taught me so many priceless lessons about life.

The importance of objectively accepting your current status. There is no point in being sad about “what could have been”. That is a fantasy, it doesn’t exist.

And the understanding that the way forward is simple. Take a step. The smallest next step, not the 5th one in the distance that “you should take because everyone else is taking it already”.

I believe these lessons bring the distilled happiest approach to life. Accept where you are and understand that it takes time to get to your goals; work towards them thoughtfully, patiently and consistently. If I can fully internalize that, I can pursue anything with complete focus and peace.

These lessons have extended past what I do here to every part of my life.

Every person is a potential friend, I just need to take the steps to demonstrate that I like them. “Bad” people are potentially good, they just need to be guided step-by-step to see their potential. Problems just haven’t found the series of solutions that will make them disappear.

This is the reality that I see. It is the true application of the “growth mindset” that everyone talks about. The realization that in reality, nothing is ever permanent. With time and patience, everything will become what they move towards.

I still don’t know what I want out of this blog besides a feeling of accomplishment. The finished game at the end of the road is enticing. But what I do know is I will gain so much out of this “accidentally” and I’d like to keep exploring.

Plan: Pixel art tutorials.

Time: 54:21

Re-took this tutorial and really got my Photoshop basics down.

First Photoshop creation. (so cute)
Got distracted quite often today. I’ve found better focus using the Pomodoro technique, I’ll explore that tomorrow 🙂

Day 125 (Reflection)

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