Day 130

Time: 45:20

I wanted to start on this tutorial, but it uses the Pico-8 palette.

I looked around for Pico-8 palettes and all I could find was this unwieldy number list.

So I spent time building my own palette in Photoshop.


I’ll make a hi-res version and put it up on GitHub Pages or something for people to use.

As I was trying to find the Pico-8 palette for this tutorial, I found out a bit about what Pico-8 itself is all about.

Pico-8 is pretty damn cool. It’s a virtual (aka emulator) console that people have built games on. A lot of game-design schools use it for their classes and the stuff people have made on it is pretty awesome.

I may want to wander into some tutorials about it in the near future.

Day 130

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