Day 139

3-day streak.


I love writing and software because neither are limited by physical resources. All I need is time and ideas to make anything I want.

With time and an idea, I can influence minds with the words I write…or bring delight to people’s lives with the games I create.

It is good to remind myself that in a world where you can often get bogged down by who is getting a bigger piece of the pie, the bigger picture is I don’t have to fight over that pie. I can make another one.

Time: 22:35

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 11.47.04 PM

Finished the Arkanoid clone tutorial. Added some detail to the bar. I’m feeling pretty comfortable with a mouse and Photoshop.

Short-term plan:
-finish the rest of Davit Masia’s tutorials (1 day)
-make a Unity pixel art game for some fun and inspiration (5 days)

Day 139

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