Day 162

This blog is the most consistent and authentic thing I’ve ever done in my life and I have so many lessons to thank for it.

Time: 27:07

Today, I focused on how the Megaman artist created shapes. The difference between 2, 3, 4 pixels and whether they’re in a row or diagonal is key when creating dimension.

The face is 5 pixels wide and 6 pixels tall. The helmeted head is 12 pixels wide and 13 pixels tall. The foot is 10 pixels wide and 3 pixels tall. The fist is 4 pixels wide and 5 pixels tall. The foot is surprisingly long in comparison to other shapes, but it works.

Another thing I noticed is the artist often left the last pixel on a shape darker during highlights. This adds a curve to the edge. For example the toe-side edge of the feet are darker to give it a cylindrical feel.

All these details combine to make a highly polished result.

Frame 6 (1).png
Frame 6
Day 162

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