Day 163 (Growth)

Growing Pains

As I have tackled more things in my life, I’ve had a lot of moments where I would feel lost and think to myself, “Are my beliefs right? Am I doing the right thing?”

I’m starting to realize that every time you attempt something new, you will run up against these thoughts. It is a good sign, for two reasons.

It is a sign that you truly are doing something new. If you feel that momentum is on your side when you begin, then you aren’t leading. You are following.

You decided to take this unbeaten path for good reason. Have faith that the treasure is somewhere in the unknown you are wandering into.

It is a sign that you are growing. Personal growth can be a painful process. To grow, you must change yourself. Aspects of your identity that you relied on for years will be challenged, leaving you wondering if you know who you are anymore.

But if I hold a belief that I don’t want to have, I believe I should take the steps to remove it.

Why should I believe that I am shy? Why should I believe that I have gotten as far into my career as I should? Why should I believe that good things happen to other people, not me?

Others can tell me these things, but I should never believe that about myself. So I want to take the steps to unlearn those beliefs.

When you start on that journey, it will set your mind on fire with lots of unanswered questions. You are conducting surgery on your identity. But like in surgery, you will heal. With time and some focused reflection, your questions will be answered and you will have new beliefs about yourself that serve you much better.

So I welcome the uncertainty and continue to remind myself about the end goal. The discomfort and fear will pass and I will emerge loving my beliefs and empowered to do more for myself and for others.

Time: 25:01

Focused again on shapes. Feeling more comfortable with them.

Took stabs at freehand drawing the sprite highlights. Guessed wrong most of the time, but getting a general idea of where they should be.

Frame 7 (1).png
Frame 7
Day 163 (Growth)

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