Day 167 (Pixel)

Let’s take a little time to reflect on what I want to do next.

Some possible routes:

  1. It’d be pretty interesting to make that video series about how to build Zelda. And that will help me revisit my Unity skills in preparation for the next project. In addition, that will develop my presentation skills so I can make this blog a little more entertaining for you šŸ™‚
  2. I can wrap up the pixel art “game” which I intend to be a simple room with my three animated characters and a conversation among them.
  3. I can try a Pico-8 project to allow me to dive into a more holistic approach to games. I will have to develop music, art, and programming to make that. That sounds awesome actually.

To keep myself from getting too bored, I choose to bounce between the three for now. I will tag each series so you can track it in the future.

Today, I will dive in to Unity and get the art into the game.

Time: 20:01

Have to head out, but I got the characters into Unity. Video coming later.

Day 167 (Pixel)

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