Day 169 (Pixel)

Pretty positive reaction from Reddit 🙂


The interesting thing about expanding your comfort zone is how quickly it expands your reality.

When I first had the crazy idea of posting my blog to Reddit, I wasn’t expecting much. “Hey, maybe I’ll get 5 upvotes, 30 views,  that sounds pretty good.”

But I got 35 upvotes and almost 1000 views, which smashed my expectations. I was overwhelmed. As I write here today, I am starting to accept that this is possible and think of ways to reach even more people.

Can this get 500 upvotes? Can this get 5000 views? More? Why not?

It all boils down to that same principle this blog is based on. I left my comfort zone and it expanded. Right now, 10,000 views sounds impossible. But I thought 1000 views was impossible yesterday. Now, I’m starting to believe.

Think about an example like Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has 4.3 million followers on Twitter. As a teenager in Austria, he would never have imagined he would one day have millions of people reading his words. But today, he is comfortable with it. He believes it. He is probably thinking of ways to grow that to 10 million. Your comfort zone expands to your reality.

It is reassuring to know that my experiment isn’t just crazy talk and has inspired others. I am even more motivated to keep going. Here’s to another day.

Time: 29:23


Implementing dialogue boxes following this excellent tutorial. I still can’t get the box to show on action, so debugging that tomorrow.


Day 169 (Pixel)

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