Day 175 (Pixel)

I was touched to find out that someone who read about my blog on Reddit was inspired to continue his blog today.

It feels surreal and makes me wonder if there are other ways I can spread positivity to people and encourage them to pursue the things they want.

Time: 23:10

A bit of a review today with these tutorials on animation blend trees to shore up my knowledge.

Quick recap:
Blend trees are called blend trees because they’re used to blend animations for different actions together. Ex. A 3D character walks left and attacks at the same time.

This only works for 3D model animations because in that case blending = averaging the position of model joints, but sprites can’t be blended in this way.

For sprites, they are used to simplify animation trees. If the character can attack and move, the 4 movement directions can be rolled up into one blend tree and the 4 attack directions can also be rolled up into a blend tree.

Tomorrow, I’d like to make progress on the pixel art game.

Remaining things:
1. Finish up dialogue for each character. Make them say fun stuff 🙂
2. Make characters turn to me when talked to, draw sprites for those cases
3. Draw game background

Day 175 (Pixel)

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