Day 185 (Pixel)


Motivation is holding two perspectives in your head at once.

One, seeing the awesome huge goal in the distance you are putting your work in for. Without that, you lose sight of your “why” and will one day find yourself going through the motions. Keep reminding yourself why you’re doing this. I want to build a game that moves minds and hearts.

Two, understanding that the far away goal is only attained if you put in the work day by day. Today, I do my 20 minutes. Through them, I improve my ability to focus, be consistent, and make games.

When it comes to the work, think day-to-day. When it comes to the vision, look far enough into the future to find the outcome you love.

I stumbled, but I got up again.

Time: 31:47

This gamesplusjames guy made two different dialogue systems. One was during his RPG tutorial and it’s messy. Working on migrating that one to the other. I think the second one makes a lot more sense.

I just want to get this habit back up and running.

Day 185 (Pixel)

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