Day 190


There are no long-term plans right now, I just want to continue learning game dev in public for fun.

Today, I plan on reading up on the Pico-8. Pico-8 is an extremely simple game dev suite + console. The most interesting point for me about it is the capabilities are simple and limited, so you’re a lot more likely to keep your games in scope and finish them.

All games created for it are also open source and free to download, so that makes a huge range of games to try and study.

And it comes with a music/SFX editor, which is something I’ve wanted to play with for a while 🙂 I will be tinkering with sound first thing in my next game.

Time: 20:03

Bought and read up on the console.

As I read up on it, I came across the C.H.I.P., which is a $9 computer that comes with Pico-8 installed and hooks up to any monitor. That sounds like a great thing to develop on for three reasons:

  1. I can’t get distracted while developing on the underpowered, isolated computer.
  2. I can take my little computer chip anywhere that has a monitor and immediately start developing.
  3. I can start thinking about the applications of a Raspberry Pi-type computer. I’ve always wanted to explore those.

Sounds intriguing. I’ll continue tinkering with Pico-8 tomorrow.

Day 190

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