Becoming an expert takes time. Improvement is gradual and achieved incrementally with consistency. I’ve committed myself to working at least 20 minutes a day as an experiment to see how far I can get with my skill of choice: game development.

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My first post!

My series of posts on managing expectations (start from the bottom)

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Day 115 – When I finished my Zelda clone!

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Humble beginnings (Day 1)


I announced my blog yesterday and already missed a day. Oh well, keep truckin’.

I read this James Clear article the other day called “Don’t Start From Scratch”. To put the point in my own words, James explains that learning from scratch is pointless. There is more to discover in the world than can fill a lifetime. Do not waste your time exploring things that have already been explored. Instead, let those who went through pains to learn teach you, and then set out combining these ideas into something new.

I took that to heart and decided that the best plan for learning this stuff is by first powering through tons of tutorials. I will build baseline knowledge from whoever will teach me, and only then set out to create stuff freehand.

Day 1 down, thousands more to go!

Starting stopwatch…

Days completed: 1 of 2
Time: 41 minutes, 30 seconds
Git Commit
Game skills?
-Started a tutorial on how to build Tetris
-How to manipulate the HTML5 canvas
-Revisited the structure of an HTML page
-You can up canvas.scale to create a “pixel art”-style drawing
Side stuff
-How much Javascript has changed over the years (these tutorials I found are ancient)
A mildly more efficient way to create new files on Sublime
-Refresher on how to use git command line

Humble beginnings (Day 1)