Day 200

Time: 40:19


Took on a challenge from the train tutorial. The train can go backwards (kinda).

Drew the sprites for it, but need to iron it out tomorrow.

I’ll look into automated commits after completing the tutorial.

Day 200

Day 199

Time: 37:45


Did two things today:

  1. Figured out how to do a looping sound for the chugga-chugga train sound
  2. Cleaned up the movement logic as asked by the tutorial

Looping sound

Nice logic to loop sounds in Pico. Simple start/stop, although I had to do some digging to understand.

Logic improvements

The basis of my improvement was understanding that the train’s direction changes only 4 times. Once at each corner.

The original code was written to check where the train should go at any given point on the track.

I updated the code to check if it is on a corner. If so, update the direction to travel. This greatly simplified the code from checking infinite cases to just checking 4.

Tomorrow: dedicate the majority of my time to automating commits and making these demos playable.

Day 199

Day 196

Time: 40:56


Worked through three things from the Picozine today.

Code – Today I learned Lua’s array indexes start at 1. It feels so wrong. *shudder*
This tutorial’s code is complicated, but I parsed it and it makes sense. It moves sprites around the screen.

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 9.47.46 PM

Sprites – Started recreating the tutorial sprites. Much easier after doing the Megaman sprites in an earlier project. 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 9.47.59 PM

Map – Began building the game map by arranging sprites on the screen. Interesting grid system. Simple, but not used to it.

Detour! When I started this blog, I wanted the results of each day to be playable by the audience. I will spend some time over the next few days looking into doing/automating this.

Tomorrow: Continue tutorial and look into playable commit idea.

Day 196

Day 195

Coughing up my lungs and feeling a bit of a headache, but if I can post at a time like this, then I can do it much more often than I am now. Let’s set that precedent.

Time: 38:34


Never try to learn something on your own from the get-go. That’s like learning how to box by watching highlight reels of boxing. It is much more efficient taught from master to student.

You learn so much faster if someone can point out the next thing you are misunderstanding.

The picozines are my game dev teacher right now. Working through the Toy Train example, which is graphically intense. Will continue parsing tomorrow.

Day 195

Day 194

Time: 26:28


Made a little sample song today.

There’s quite a bit of music capability in here. You can assemble notes in the SFX editor with control for volume and tone, and then when you are done with your pattern, you can organize them into patterns and make music.

-Make my sample games quickly playable through a link
-Continue through tutorials

Day 194